The Keto Diet Can Help Burn Fat And Lose Weight

In this video we’ll take a look at how the keto diet can help you achieve the weight loss and health you’re looking for. This includes…

1. Understanding why your body is storing fat rather than burning it.

2. How you can easily become a fat burner so you can effectively control your weight naturally.

3. How this nutritional style of eating can affect your health in many great ways. Weight loss is only one way.

What fuel are you using for energy? Like most people, your answer is probably carbs. Most people get their energy for their daily routine from dietary carbohydrates.

These carbs include starches and sugars that are broken down into glucose, the body’s usual source of energy. Unfortunately, because the normal diet contains a lot of carbohydrates, the excess glucose that is not fully used as energy converts to glycogen. This is stored as fat.

Because we continue eating too many carbs, we end up with a mess. Hormones like insulin and leptin don’t work as they should. We continue to feel hungry and store more and more fat. This leads to diseases like diabetes and heart issues.

1/3 of US adults are overweight, and it can cause deadly consequences. A lower quality of life and an increased risk of premature death.

“Carb overload” is believed by many experts to be a significant cause for being overweight and obese. But there’s a bright shining light at the end of the tunnel. It’s called the Keto Diet.

Fortunately, you can avoid all of these health issues. You just have to start using the right fuel for energy! 

The only other fuel the body can use instead of glucose are ketones. Ketones can only be triggered when you lower carb intake enough and enter what’s called a state of ketosis. This is when your body begins to burn stored body fat for energy. When this happens, fat storing and burning hormones work correctly. Health starts to improve significantly.

More than 20 randomized controlled trials published since 2002 have shown low carb diets effective for weight loss, stabilizing blood sugars, general health and to be completely safe. One of the longest studies found that low carb eating had a significant edge over low fat diets in improving good HDL cholesterol levels.

A 2008 study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that the

Ketogenic low carb diet resulted in 12 pounds of weight loss in only 4 weeks in obese men and all the studies’ subjects noted less hunger and more satisfaction while eating low carb as compared to eating a low calorie diet.

The best part of this style of eating? All you have to do is limit carb intake, eat moderate amounts of protein and eat more healthy fats. Your body is forced to burn stored fat for fuel! Isn’t that great?

 The Keto diet can help you regulate blood sugar, which eliminates out of control cravings, and naturally suppresses the appetite to lose weight and keep it off! Keto can also promote healthy cholesterol levels, stabilize blood pressure, improve mental functioning, and heart health. AND, one of its greatest benefits is that it reduces belly fat or visceral fat, the most dangerous type of body fat!

Low carb is the holy grail of weight management and health management. Keto is a lifestyle that takes the weight off and keeps it off! Eat real whole food, never count calories and never feel deprived or starved again.

In this video we looked at:

1. How the body stores fat and the dangers that come with it.

2. How to change the body’s fuel source from carbs to fat. Yes, this also means burning stored body fat.

3. How the keto diet can not only burn more fat, but also improve your overall health.

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